Food ordering app would be a quick service that provides customers fresh meal at doorstep without taking too much of annoyance while ordering. Food delivery turned into a successful business for restaurant owners and everyday necessity for residents of metro cities. Let have a small look on the statistics.

You also want to join to the food-delivery app network and get profit. Follow this post to find out the necessary features for building a food-delivery app like Zomato

About Zomato & Swiggy

Zomato is a popular food-delivery application which launched in 2008 and now it is currently being used by 50 million food-lovers. In Zomato, it offers users to view the different types of restaurants that can you offer best continental and local dishes. AdEngine and elaborate back end are the classy one. Using this user base, Zomato thrusts for sponsored content across platform.

Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company based out of Bangalore, India. Swiggy was inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighbourhood restaurants to the urban foodie. A single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants.

Zomato & Swiggy are developed in PHP platform and the jQuery as responsive framework.

How to Make Food Ordering App Like Zomato & Swiggy?

Thinking of creating a food-delivery app like Zomato? Then you have arrived at right place. To make an app like Zomato, it may take days because it is a complex system which integrated with multiple features.

Features for Customers

Designing the pleasant restaurant pages should attract foodies to try the dishes.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression – Will Rogers”

Food-delivery app should include

Overview of Restaurant (Special Dishes)
Working Hours and Delivery Time


 Menu screen

It is vital part of restaurant app development. Attractive UI and UX designs must be a powerful tool to influence user’s behavior and incline them to order the dishes. Design of the menu should provide unique experience and form a long-lasting memory.


Design the menu pages based on categories like Veg Dishes, Non-veg dishes, Drinks and Desserts to avoid creating mess to the customers while selecting dishes. Categories are crucial tool to develop restaurant app.

 Handling Orders

This sections enables users/agents to update the order status and send messages to the customer and to the delivery boy.

 Payment Cart

To keep flexibility for all range of customers, cash on Delivery option must be included. On payment carts, user must be able to add and delete the food-items and go back and forth to the menu screen. For restaurant owners, the payment cart should contain transfer options to transfer their money to bank via platforms like PayPal or Paytm.

 Navigating Restaurants

For navigation, Four-square’s API can be used to list the restaurant by the location.

 Promotions and Offers

Building up a loyal customer base is vital part of app’s success. To made customers to come back and shop with you, we must reward them by their shopping points.

 Real-time Tracking

With real-time tracking, customers can access the delivery details. In case of delay in delivery, customer is no need to wait with doubt by communicating them with the estimated time of delivery. Google Maps must be a better tool to navigate the routes.

 Get Reviews

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve – Billgates”

Reviews are the best nuggets of sunshine from the users. Give your app its review page to show the gush from your most satisfied customers. It’s all about improving belief and integrity to express the real remunerations by our customers.

Features for Admin

Delivery App should contain incredible designs and features to ease the delivery process.

Registration of Profile

For contractors/delivery agents, profile creation form should be designed. Biggest advantage of apps is always personalization, and user profiles are about it.

Managing Orders

In this section, the delivery person can find the list of orders available for delivery along with the item, pickup and dropping locations.

Delivery Updates

After accepting the order, agent will update the status so customer is informed about the progress. Status Updates may fall into these categories: Accepted/Rejected, Picked up and delivered. Ensure right time delivery by sending notifications to delivery man on numerous steps and build customer delight.

Delivery Routes for agents

Route optimization engine helps agents to find out the shortest routes to manage multiple orders with efficacy.

Cost to Develop a Food Delivery App

Cost to develop good food-delivery app like Zomato would costs bit higher than other simple functionality apps. Cost might be vary based on the key factors.


iOS’s cost might be less than Android’s cost because iOS app needs few devices to be considered.
Codeigniter, CakePHP and RoR frameworks might be used to make responsive pages.

Design and Functionality

Considering the restaurant app, the design should be made in such a way to engage customers to take hold of repeat food lovers. Design cost might be vary based on your feature requirements.

App Size

Total number of features and functionalities decides the app size. We can use MVP in early stages.


Development cost of restaurant app like Zomato may vary on the developers whom you choose to develop app.
If you want your food-delivery app to be accessible in both platforms, the cost might be little bit higher.
Cost to develop MVP for a food-delivery app starts from @15000. However, it is just an estimation, if you want to know the exact estimate, contact us.

Totally, it would cost around $30,000 at least. If you wants the app to be accessible only on Android, then the minimum rate is around$24,000.

Explore your requirements in all factors and select your vendor judiciously.



sharon · March 16, 2018 at 4:12 pm

I feel happy to glance at this blog post which carries lots of information about Cost of developing food delivery app like Zomato , thanks for providing such information.

    admin · March 22, 2018 at 11:05 am

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Follow us for more updates on blog.

james · April 10, 2018 at 4:59 pm

Thanks for posting this blog ,what are the most useful features in a Restaurant app.

    admin · April 12, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Hi James,

    Restaurant App Should consists following features:
    Push Notifications
    Customized setup for your mobile app
    Online menu should be perfectly optimized
    Easy to Pay option
    Customer’s discount and loyalty points
    New items & Daily offers
    Customer feedback

jenifer · April 16, 2018 at 11:44 am

What type of restaurant application does customers expecting Now a days??

    Admin · April 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Hello Jenifer ,

    The customers are looking for an app like Zomato. An App should have tons of yummy dishes that speak for itself. The customers believes that looking at the pictures, one cannot make the decision of ordering the food. So, he thought to develop an app to collect feedback from the people, who taste the dish. He also wants to edit photos using iOS native function and edit photos using aviary library free function.

Thomas · May 24, 2018 at 5:23 pm

How can I promote my food ordering app?

jenifer · July 6, 2018 at 2:27 pm

Well written article with awesome information. This blog provide you an option to create your own app and move your restaurant at online platform

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