People have got everything in their fingers whether they want medical assistance or to order a meal, things are just few clicks away! Having these facilities, they also reckon to hire taxi services through their phones. Uber was the first one who marched towards platform-based travel amenities. Uber has changed the way of commute of office goers, tourists and students to reach their destination. Being a role model, Uber has stimulated thousands of young entrepreneurs to keep an eye on it.

Want your Taxi to be the Next Uber?

Everyone wants reckless results and to be the next Uber or successful start-up. It’s easy to recognize because everyone knows how much does Uber cost as a business – $50 million! Many have turned out to be blind by such achievement and susceptible to think, if they have a good idea and develop mobile apps, and $1m offers will be offered everywhere. To reach services like Uber, you should give up this type of thinking.

Business is just not lies in the app, it is about the service that it provides. Every business needs tactical planning, modeling and value.

Uber Like App Development

Before developing a taxi app like Uber, first thing you have to research is cost estimation and other expenses that usually vary according to the type and features. Development starts with creating two interfaces. One for the driver and another for passengers so that tracking and communication would be smooth.


Map, GPS & Route

GPS and routes are the vital features for any taxi app as they are liable for tracing the location of passenger and traffic condition on the routes to reach the destination. The feature is equally useful for the passengers and drivers through which they can track one another.

We suggest Apple and Google maps for Android and iOS platforms. Routing server, maps and geolocation are needed to lay the course and count the duration of the ride.

Registration and matching system

Uber like taxi app offers their users several registration techniques and ask their phone number. However, drivers have to go through the more complicated procedure. Drivers have to go to the office and submit their documents to complete registration.

Matching system enables customers to find the drivers and permits the driver to accept the orders. Matching system will consider the distance between the driver and potential client and check the driver’s status (“Available” or “Busy”).

Time taken for building your own Taxi booking app like Uber in iOS is 40-45 hours, and for android 36 hours. Backend time taken is around 20 hours.

Payment modes

It saves a ton of time and delivers your application to a brand level of unusability. Uber has associated with Braintree for payment gateway. Making Uber like app means we have to use same gateway. Several alternatives like World Pay, Stripe and Payza can be used to made secure payments.

Split payments also an enhanced feature when the passenger is not able to pay from his balance. Back-end development for developing this secured feature would take 32-40 hours.

Cars and Driver’s details

Since people always want to know what type of car, and who is going to pick up them, the Uber like app has the feature that will give all these details to the traveler.

It is crucial factor to ensure satisfactory service. When building MVP, push notification is enough to set the connection between demand and supply. Google cloud messaging service is the best one for Android platforms.


SMS and push notifications are easy to develop and SMS is always reliable.

Taxi app should must have the feature to notify passengers that the taxi is arrived. SMS feature is the good way to keep in touch with the driver. We usually suggest Firebase framework.

To implement SMS sending feature, Uber integrating with 3rd party telco. Uber is using Twilio. We are making a clone of Uber, so we can use some other providers like Plivo, Nexmo, Sinch, Bandwidth, and KAP system.

Time taken to develop Push notifications is 30 hours and 20 hours for SMS integration.

Fare Calculator

Should the passenger pay? May wonder how the pay is calculated before the ride? To develop this awesome feature, we need to spend 24 hours for back-end development and 50 hours for front-end development.


Without rating, user feedback wouldn’t be measured. User rating plays huge role in taxi app. Rating enables drivers to perform well in their service.

Time taken for the development: iOS – 35 hours, Android – 38h and back-end – 20 hours.

Ride History

Unforgotten feature which used to review the trips you’ve travelled so far.

Effort hours: iOS – 40-45 hours, Android – 35-40 hours, Back-end: 20-28 hrs

To go With Building an App Like Uber

To estimate the project and to hire taxi app developer’s team, you need to clarify some details first:

  • Business model like Uber
  • Stakeholders
  • Platforms and Desirable features

Don’t hunt the features and sophisticated technology solutions. Like you, we are also likely to create the solution that will apt yourdesires and accomplish your business goals. That is why we recommend building MVP first that can save up to 20% costs and time.

Let’s compute

Finally, how much will it cost you to develop a taxi app like Uber?. To start with, MVP is the best solution to enter into market. Instead of going with the hybrid development, we always suggest to go with native development as it has high capacity and reliability.

Time frame for developing Uber-like app is 150 hours for design, 250+ hours for development, and 300+ hours for back-end and APIs.

MVP Uber cost might be around $15,000 -$ 25,000 or it may grow upto $50,000 based on the features.

Want to develop an app like Uber, we will offer you rich familiarity in logistics field.



jebastin · April 24, 2018 at 1:07 pm

Hi ,
How much time will it take one to build an app like Ola/Uber?

    Admin · April 24, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    It depends on which particular features do you want to integrate in your app. Usually a taxi app has three components example driver app, passenger app and backend for the business owners.
    For more details mail to your requirements and features to be included our experts will contact you shortly

jhon david · May 14, 2018 at 6:40 pm

Your blog have deep knowledge and your word is too easy anyone get your point easily. Thank you, Keep it up good job.

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