Mobile phones and its applications have made remarkable impact on our life. Mobile Application is best tool for managing tasks, monitoring health-conditions, reminding the important dates. All industries have moved towards mobility services. While comparing with other industries, Insurance industry adopt the mobile applications pretty late. As a late entrant, insurance companies have many things to catch up with the world to remain competitive.

Mobile application market prospective is massive. Within few years, all insurance companies will have best in-class applications to serve the customers. Mobile applications are not only functional and comfortable, but also bring appeal to the user.

Will it be beneficial for customers and insurance industry? Sure it will brings benefits both. Let us look how to build App for insurance company and how it benefits user and companies.

Types of Insurance Apps

Health Insurance Apps

Health Insurance apps made ease of claiming money. Users can visit the networked hospital for treatment and pay the bill from his own pocket and take a photo of the bill and submit the claim. User will get paid once the claim is processed.

Home Insurance Apps

With these apps, user can keep an inventory of her belongings. If the house damaged or fired, inventory will help to file claim much easier. These apps featured with inventory catalog, scanner and export option.

Life Insurance Apps

These apps would contain list of insurance plans and its benefits. Renewing the policy can also be done by the insurance app.

Car Insurance Apps

It tracks driving behavior, oil change and mileage for each and every trip. And some of the apps are enabling users to take video of the accident place to file a claim. Users will get repair estimate instantly. Reminders are additional feature to notify the users to know the due date for bike/car.

Customer Benefits

  • Mobile application will help users to know all the complexities of insurance and get in touch with the organization.
  • Apps would be sole contact so that clients can solve claims faster and effectively.
  • No need of waiting in the queue long-time to resolve claims.Queries would be answered without delay.
  • Less paperwork
  • Get Health care in abroad without knowing the knowledge of local languages.
  • Prospectus can be downloaded to know the details (locality of company, Services offered, Working hours, and methods of travel) of insurance company.

All services are installed in single app increases the customer satisfaction. The more features are executed, the more development cost.

Company Benefits

M-apps are convenient for owners too. Major benefits include

  • Simplify the claim processing
  • Enhancing Insurance Agent Knowledge
  • Increase sales revenue and ROI

Best Insurance Apps

EverNote: This is note-taking and organization app. It functions as the professional note-taking app and enables users to take notes, organize the information, and share data with others. Agents can track the appointment dates of their clients.

Docusign: Docusign act as revolutionary app for the industry which want to avoid more of paper-work. On Docusign, user can

  • Upload the document
  • Sign the document for signature
  • Share the document to other.

QQ Catalyst: It is the best app for insurance agencies. It offers:

  • Adapt to user workstyle
  • Intuitive and engaging design
  • Multi-device support
  • Manages business lines by mapping policy

Using QQ catalyst, one can access to records and policies from anywhere.

Kelly Blue Book: It enables users to define the value of what price the car will be worth before making decision to buy. Insurance agents can able to find additional offers suited to users based on the additional features.

How to Build Insurance App

There are two things to be considered while building an insurance application:

1. It should replace the person visit to customer’s office

2. Build Interactive Remote Channel to deal with customers 24×7

Mobile Insurance application should not be built just an informative device. It should assist customers in all ways.

Though the functionality of application is complex, it needs more attention from development connoisseurs and SME. Insurance app would be developed always by highly experienced developers as they would have thorough knowledge of building insurance apps.

We, Ignovate, would build the application with the latest technologies to make the information secure, and meet user needs. Xamarin will be the best solution for developing insurance app.

Best Practices to Build Insurance App

Customer Experience

“Show Value, Create an experience and always strive to exceed customers’ expectations — Shep Hyken”

Make your insurance product more user-friendly through the advanced layout designs. Enhanced features in design contributes to achieve a satisfied customer.

Data Security

Security is the most important aspect of any industrial apps. As apps are dealing with personal information, and sensitive finance data, the app should be secured enough to safeguard the data from hacking.


Using cloud-based technology, infrastructure cost will be saved and also it provides support 24×7. Application should be more responsive.

Features to be Included in Insurance App

Quoting tool:It enables users to see how much they can save on specific insurance policy based on their preferences.

Claim Filling and Submission

It includes claim submission, documents submission via mobile camera

Customer Profile

 Personal information, Agreements, Claims Submitted and its status.


It helps to manage insured property.


 Linking bank account to make automated payments and receive refunds instantly.

Online Support

 Chat with experts to resolve your queries


User would get reminders on policy renewals and also guide the users.

Additional Features

 Push-out notifications, ID scanning, Emergency assistance, and location of agents


Comparing Insurance industry with other, insurance app development requires more subject knowledge and experience. You want to hire software development team or freelancer, the decision is yours.

To get the positive results, choose the service provider with highly proven track record of successful projects.



shereen · April 12, 2018 at 4:53 pm

What are the services to be included in insurance Apps?

    admin · April 13, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    While Developing insurance App the following Services should be included

    • GPS-navigation

    • Google Translate

    • Video recording and sending

    • User’s status and location tracking

    • History and personal data storage

    • Currency conversion

    • Personalized addresses to the user

    At the same time, everyone should understand thier company needs , particular sets of functions depending on the chosen strategies of development and customer interaction.

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